Open positions

In March 2023, we will start a 4-year EU Pathfinder project on integrated and programmable photonic circuits (NEUROPIC - Nano electro-optomechanical programmable integrated circuits for neuromoprphic computing) coordinated by the Material Science Institute in Madrid in collaboration with the Department of Electrical and Photonics Engineering at the DTU (Copenhagen) and the Catalan Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Barcelona) and other research institutes and small companies located in Ireland and Germany. Our main goal is to design, build, measure, and explore a fully controllable real hardware for neuromorphic computing based on novel photonic chip architecture with transformational impact potential on photonics for data centers, autonomous vehicles, quantum information processors, and much more.

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NEUROPIC concept: we will integrate nano-electromechanical (NEMS) actuators controlling beam-splitters and phase controllers in a reconfigurable photonic mesh as a sustainable platform for programmable photonic circuits.

Postdoc position

We are looking for an experienced researcher on experimental photonics and/or optomechanics. Experience on free-space optics and/or fiber coupling approaches to couple light into integrated photonic circuits is a major plus. Experience on optical nonlinear dynamics and/or electrical actuation of microelectromechanical systems are also good starting points. Experience on numerical modelling tools to calculate basic photonic and phononic properties of nanostructures and/or programing experience on python/matlab are also valuable. But most important than anything: passionate and enthusiastic candidates are strongly encouraged to apply to this research position.

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