Full curriculum vitae

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PhD thesis - 2005 - 2009


Developed at the Material Science Institute in Madrid (CSIC) under the supervision of Prof. Cefe López. In my PhD, I focused on the material-science aspects of complex photonic structures.

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Denmark - 2009 - 2015

After my PhD, I joined the Quantum Photonics group at the Technical University of Denmark led by Prof. Peter Lodahl in 2009 to explore the role of fabrication disorder in state-of-the art semiconductor nanostructures used for quantum photonics. In 2012, the Quantum Photonics group moved to the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen where I was funded by the prestigious three-year young investigator research program from the private foundation Kann Ransmussen Villum as principal investigator. In 2013, I was appointed Assistant Professor to developed several teaching activities in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Kim Splittorff, the deputy head for teaching at the Niels Bohr Institute.

Barcelona - 2015 - 2021

I have coordinated a line of research within the P2N group at ICN2 composed by two PhDs students (G. Arregui and O. Florez), three postdocs (Dr. J. Gomis-Bresco, Dr. P. Djorwe and Dr. R. Ng) working on the photon - phonon coupling in complex optomechanical nanostructures. I have coordinated the activity of this small group in different areas such as the calculation of the eigenmodes of the structures, the fabrication of the devices and their experimental (optomechanical) characterization. I have also established my own national and international collaborations with C2N (France), DTU (Denmark), Cambridge University (UK) and CSIC (Spain) leading to publications in Phys. Rev. Lett, Small, Advances Sciences (accepted) or APL Photonics.